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Introduced in Patch v1.2, AI nodes are powerful, sentient beings that can be used defensively to protect a network against attacks. Building these nodes will also allow players to take the associated A.I. Program in to brute force and stealth attacks.

A.I. Nodes are available beginning at Core Level 7. To build an AI node, select the "Build" menu from the bottom right corner of the network screen, select the "Hacking" tab, and select the A.I. Node you wish to build, then select "Buy". A.I. Nodes can also attack from a greater distance than standard Security Nodes, providing additional layers of tactical gameplay for both old and new networks. Once the node has finished building, players are granted an additional A.I. Program which can be used during brute force and stealth hacks.

  • AI Beetle: Repairs the firewall of nearby damaged nodes.
  • AI Hawk: Periodically attacks nearby nodes.
  • AI Squid: Periodically scans nearby nodes for intruders during Stealth Mode.

Statistics Edit

Each node has a specific number of connection slots available, which allow it to be linked to other nodes. Each link takes up one slot on each of the linked nodes. Each node also has a specific number of program slots, which allow programs to be installed on it during a hack. Each program takes up one slot on a node.

AI nodes also have a certain amount of firewall depending on the node level, which can be depleted by installing offensive programs on connecting nodes. Nodes will naturally recover firewall when not shocked or stunned, at the regeneration rates shown below.

A.I. Node Statistics
Node Connection
AI Beetle441% per second
AI Hawk341% per second
AI Squid541% per second

Tips Edit

  • Capturing an A.I. node will instantly remove the enemy A.I. from the network.
  • If a captured A.I. node is recovered by the network, the A.I. will recover after a small delay.
  • An A.I. node can not be upgraded while the AI is recovering.
  • Any A.I. belonging to networks are shown with black overlays, while A.I belonging to the hacker are shown in red overlay, similar to those security and hacked nodes respectively.
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A.I. Nodes

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