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Summary Edit

Introduced in Patch v1.2, A.I. Programs are powerful, sentient beings that can breach nodes using long range brute force attacks, disable multiple nodes during stealth mode. and repair captured nodes from a safe distance.

A.I. Programs are available beginning at Core Level 7. In order to use an A.I. Program, the relevant A.I. Node first needs to be built. Once the node has finished building, the A.I. Program is available to be viewed by selecting the node and pressing the "Circle Icon" button. Alternatively, this menu can be reached via the "Programs" menu and then selecting the "Artificial Intelligence" tab.

A.I. Programs take up zero Program Library space. Players are allowed to take 1 A.I. Program of each type into a hack.

  • AI Beetle: Repairs the firewall of nearby damaged nodes.
  • AI Hawk: Periodically attacks nearby nodes.
  • AI Squid: Periodically disables nearby nodes during Stealth Mode.

Ready StateEdit

In order to use an A.I. Program during an attack, the A.I. has to be in a Ready state. When completing the build of a Level 1 A.I. Node, the relevant Level 1 A.I. Program is provided in a Ready state. Once used during an attack, the A.I. will need to be revived in order to use it again.

A.I. Programs are revived similar to compiling normal programs, by selecting the A.I. from the Artificial Intelligence menu and selecting "Revive". A.I.'s are revived independently from other programs and other A.I.'s, and can not be removed from a queue or cancelled like other programs.


All A.I. programs have two main characteristics: Install Time and Revival Time.

  • Install Time: the amount of time it takes to install onto a node.
  • Revival Time: the amount of time required to restore the A.I. to a Ready state.

Each A.I. program takes a certain amount of time to be installed on a node, during which the program is not active. However, if the node is recaptured by the network in that time, the program will be lost. Each program also takes a certain amount of time to recover once it has been used. A.I. Programs can be revived instantly by using Credits.

A.I. Program Statistics
Program Install
AI Beetle3.0 seconds1 Hour
AI Hawk3.0 seconds1 Hour
AI Squid3.0 seconds1 Hour

Tips Edit

  • It costs less B-coins to revive an A.I. Program before an A.I. Nodes is upgraded than reviving it afterwards.
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