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An essential program for stealth hacking. Access opens connection to neighbor nodes and allows you to install the Data Leech, Portal and Wraith programs without raising an alarm immediately.

The Access program is a Stealth program which enables Stealth Hacking.

If Access is the first program installed on a netConnection, a Stealth Hack commences. During a Stealth hack you have a limited time (represented as a visibility bar) to install other stealth programs, including more Access, on adjacent nodes before the network reboot phase starts.

Once you are spotted on the network, all active Stealth Programs (excluding Portal) will be removed from the network. Access cannot be installed once the Stealth Hack has ended or any other Brute Force Offensive programs have been installed.


  • Notes: While the Access program is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
(per second)
1162 / secondB12
2156 / secondB24
3150 / secondB36
4144 / secondB48
5138 / secondB60
6132 / secondB72
7126 / secondB84
8120 / secondB100
9114 / secondB116
10108 / secondB132
11102 / secondB148
1296 / secondB164
1390 / secondB180
1484 / secondB200
1578 / secondB220
1672 / secondB240
1766 / secondB260
1860 / secondB280
1954 / secondB300
2048 / secondB320
2142 / secondB350
Research Stats
Evolver Level
1B4,0963756 Hours4
2B8,00047518 Hours4
3B16,00050024 Hours5
4B32,00057530 Hours5
5B48,00065036 Hours6
6B60,00072542 Hours6
7B80,00080048 Hours7
8B100,00082554 Hours7
9B120,00085060 Hours8
10B140,00087566 Hours8
11B160,00090072 Hours9
12B180,00093080 Hours9
13B200,00096088 Hours9
14B220,0001,00096 Hours10
15B260,0001,080104 Hours10
16B300,0001,160112 Hours10
17B340,0001,250120 Hours11
18B380,0001,375132 Hours11
19B420,0001,500144 Hours11
20B440,0001,625156 Hours12
21B460,0001,750168 Hours12
TotalB3,968,09620,1801,656 Hours12

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