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Summary Edit

The Black Market provides additional enhancements to hasten game progress or stylize the network. It runs on credits, along with having reputation requirements for some items.

Credits Edit

Credits are a unique currency, fueling many special functions and transactions. They can be bought with real currency (an in-game purchase) in the Black Market in amounts of 500, 1200, 2500, 7000, or 15000. Credits are required to purchase Building Threads, instantly compile programs, instantly finish program development and node construction, and change your IP location. They are also used to buy the following items from the Black Market.

Shields Edit

Located to the right of the credit bundles are various 9Sec shields, which provide external protection from hacks for set durations. Other players will be unable to connect to a network with an active shield, either by searching the World Map or retracing via the Security Log. However, IPs with an active shield will also be unable to connect to any other networks without first removing the shield. Note that removing a shield cannot be undone, offers no partial refund, and can only be replaced by a subsequent purchase after the cooldown mentioned below.

Activating a 9Sec shield triggers a cooldown during which no additional shields may be activated. These cooldowns begin counting down at the time of activation.

Image Duration Cost Cooldown
Black Shield
1 day100 Credits4 days
Silver Shield
2 days150 Credits7 days
Gold Shield
7 days250 Credits20 days

Skins Edit

To the right of the 9Sec shields are various background and node skins. Skins are unlocked at increasing levels of reputation, which follow the rank increases, except for Ergo Dark. Once unlocked, they can be previewed, even if there are insufficient credits to complete the purchase. Losing reputation does not affect unlocked skins.

  • On 26/9/17, the Reputation required to unlock Skins was reduced to zero. It is unknown whether this is an anniversary event or a permanent change.
Image Name Cost
Skin Ergo Light
Ergo Light0
Skin Ergo Dark
Ergo Dark100
Skin Lost Archives
Lost Archives250
Skin Datacenter
Skin 3D Chip
3D Chip750
Skin Red Matrix
Red Matrix800
Skin White Matrix
White Matrix1,000
Skin Forsaken Cloud
Forsaken Cloud1,000
Skin Ghost City
Ghost City1,500
Skin Horizon
Skin Cyberdream
Skin Volcano
Skin Endless
Skin Eternity
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