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Summary Edit

"A password protected gate is a great tool to slow down an attack. Code Gate massively
reduces damage to its firewall but can be destroyed with a Battering Ram program"

The Code Gate is a defensive Security Node. The Code Gate is designed to protect the network during all stages of an attack and functions in both Brute Force and Stealth hacks. Code Gates have two additional defensive properties: Filter and Code Strength.

The maximum level a Code Gate can be upgraded to is 21[1]. The maximum number of Code Gates you can have on your network is five. Unlike Business Nodes, there are no restrictions on deleting Code Gate nodes from the network.

Filter Edit

The Filter reduces the amount of damage Offensive programs do to the Code Gate. Filter also greatly increases the time needed to install an Access program on a Code Gate. For example, if the Filter statistic is 75%, programs like Beam Cannon will do 25% of their normal damage, and it will take four times longer to install Access on a Code Gate. The Filter stays active for as long as the Code Strength is in place. While the Filter is active, Portal cannot be installed on the Code Gate.

Code Strength Edit

Code Strength can also be viewed as the 'Filter Firewall'. While the Code Strength is in place, the Filter remains active, providing percentage damage reduction and a longer installation time of Access. The Code Strength can be attacked directly by a Battering Ram, although sufficiently developed offensive programs, like Blaster and Beam Cannon can overcome the Firewall of the Code Gate without touching the Code Strength. If the Firewall of the Code Gate is compromised or if a Battering Ram or Wraith destroys the Code Strength, the Filter is removed for the remainder of the hack.

Effective Firewall Edit

The "Effective Firewall" is defined as the amount of damage required to capture the Code Gate while the filter is active. This does not incorporate firewall regeneration, and does not apply when the filter has been disabled by any means.

Statistics Edit

Defensive Stats
Filter Code
Construction Stats
Core Level
1$16,00015030 Minutes4
2$65,0002001 Hour4
3$125,0003004 Hours4
4$250,0004008 Hours5
5$500,00045012 Hours6
6$750,00050024 Hours7
7$1,000,00065036 Hours7
8$1,500,00080048 Hours7
9$2,000,00085060 Hours7
10$2,500,00090072 Hours8
11$3,000,00095092 Hours8
12$3,500,0001,00096 Hours9
13$4,000,0001,125108 Hours9
14$4,500,0001,250120 Hours9
15$5,000,0001,375132 Hours10
16$6,000,0001,500144 Hours10
17$7,000,0001,660160 Hours10
18$8,000,0001,830176 Hours11
19$10,000,0002,000192 Hours11
20$12,000,0003,000240 Hours11
21$13,000,0004,000288 Hours12
Totals$84,706,00024,8902,013 Hours
30 Minutes

Gallery Edit

Code Gate 01 Code Gate 02-03 Code Gate 04-05 Code Gate 06-07 Code Gate 08-09
Level 1 Levels 2-3 Levels 4-5 Levels 6-7 Levels 8-9
Code Gate 10-12 Code Gate 13-15 Code Gate 16-18 Code Gate 19-21
Levels 10-12 Levels 13-15 Levels 16-18 Levels 19-21

Tips Edit

  • Players who have not yet developed the Battering Ram, Blaster, Kraken or Wraith programs, or who haven't sufficiently upgraded their Beam Cannons will have a tougher time breaking through Code Gates. As such, it is advisable to develop/upgrade at least one of these programs before attacking a network with a Code Gate.
  • When attacking a Code Gate, the Battering Ram program will only target the Code Strength. Once the filter is down, it is advised to remove the Battering Ram to free up space for other programs.
  • If the Code Gate has a Sentry's antivirus installed, a node with a low firewall attacking it may need to be defended with an ICE Wall or a Protector to avoid being recaptured.
  • Plan your network so that the node before the Code Gate has a low number of program slots.
  • Wraith disables a node and any special abilities it has, therefore the Filter doesn't apply when using it.
  • Using it as a distraction to let other nodes recapture any hacked nodes is a viable strategy. Knowing attack priorities can help you plan the layout of your network.
  • Keeping the lowest level Gates at the front will prevent Wraiths from taking down your best defenses.
  • Avoid connecting more than one Code Gate to a single node - this will allow an attacker to use fewer Battering Rams or other Programs.

Trivia Edit

A Code gate is one type of ICEs found in the Netrunner collectible card game.

References Edit

  1. Trickster Arts Forums - Max Level
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