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Icewall Protector
ICE Wall Protector

Summary Edit

ICE Wall and Protector are used in conjunction with Offensive Programs during a Brute Force hack, providing protection against network securities and enabling the capture of tougher nodes. Each defensive program has a "Buffer Size." This represents the amount of damage it can intercept before Offensive programs begin depleting the target node's firewall.

  • ICE Walls offer basic protection, intercepting damage before it reaches a node.
  • Protectors can regenerate their buffer, greatly increasing the time before a node is recaptured.

Statistics Edit

Each program takes a certain amount of time to be installed on a node, during which the program is not active. However, if the node is recaptured by the network in that time, the program will be lost. Each program also takes a certain amount of disk space, which it occupies in program libraries once it is compiled. Finally, each program also takes a certain amount of time to assemble in the Compiler. Programs can be compiled instantly by using Credits.

Defensive Programs Statistics
Program Install
ICE Wall0.5 Seconds22 Minutes
Protector4.0 Seconds45 Minutes

Tips Edit

  • Defensive programs can not be used in stealth attacks.
  • Once the buffer of a defensive program is depleted, it is removed from the node, freeing up a slot to place another program. Programs can also be removed manually by selecting the node and tapping the program.
  • See Offensive Strategies for additional tips.
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