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Performing Hacks is a key element in Hackers. Learn about defending your network against other players, gaining reputation from performing successful hacks, and how to review and retrace attackers that hack you.

  • World Map - Learn about initiating hacks, acquiring new targets, leaderboards and daily challenges.
  • Hacks - Information about the various phases of an attack, win conditions and stealing resources.
  • Missions - Statistics on Missions can be found here.
  • Network Logs - View details of your attacks, how to counter attack, and how to attack your friends!
  • Simulations - Find how to connect with friends via Facebook and test their networks.
  • Reputation - Learn about Reputation, its effect on selecting targets and the ability to purchase Skins.
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World Map • Hacks • Missions • Network Logs • Simulations • Reputation 


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