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Summary Edit

Network design, upgrades and optimization are paramount to succeed as a hacker. These require Resources, periodic Core upgrades, and thoughtful planning. Network level is a crucial factor in determining hack targets, and is increased by most network activity. Being aware of the available information and tools is a necessary foundation to explore the full potential of Ergo.

Building and Design Edit

Building Nodes Edit

New nodes can be purchased in the Build menu. There are limitations on the maximum number of a single type of node, and the maximum number of total nodes allowed on the network - both of these limits can be increased by upgrading the Core. Viewing the Core info will also show the maximum number of nodes allowed.

The current and maximum number of each type of node can be seen underneath each node type in the Build menu, and the current and maximum number of total nodes can be seen in the bottom right corner. Nodes will be greyed out if the type limit has been reached, and the total node indicator will be red if the network is at total capacity.

As the total number of individual nodes allowed will always be greater than the allowed number of nodes on a network, certain nodes may seem to be available to purchase while lacking space on the network.

Redesigning the Network Edit

Nodes can be connected by holding one node, dragging to another node, and releasing. A link between them will now be visible. Follow the same process to disconnect linked nodes. Nodes will tend to follow the motion of your finger and avoid other nodes, causing the network to shift. This can be helpful for connections or even shifting entire chunks of the network, especially in Rebuild Mode.

Connection Slots Edit

Each node has a number of small circles underneath it. These represent connection slots, showing how many connections that node currently has, and how many are available. One slot is filled for each connection with another node. Empty circles represent available slots. Note that when nodes are connected, two slots are being filled - one on the first node and one on the second.

Rebuild Mode Edit

When the Build menu is open, selecting the red Rebuild button in the top left corner opens an advanced editing mode, which enables easier network construction. In this mode, the HUD temporarily disappears, giving optimum perspective. Invalid networks are allowed while in this mode, meaning nodes can be more than nine links from the nearest netConnection, or even completely detached from the network. To quickly detach a node, select it and tap the detach button, below the info button. The entire network can also be detached by tapping the Detach button at the bottom of the screen. Nodes cannot be purchased, upgraded, or deleted while in this mode, but node info is still available, and current upgrades can be cancelled. Pressing the Save button while highlighted will save your network and return you to the Home Screen. An invalid network is not able to be saved.

Building Threads Edit

10 C
2250 C
3500 C
41,000 C
52,000 C

Building Threads are used to build and upgrade nodes on your Network. A building thread is automatically assigned when a player starts to build a node or upgrade an existing node. Node construction can be quickened by tapping on the building timer to assign additional threads. Pressing the timer when there are no unused threads to assign will result in all additional threads being removed, resetting to one. At least one thread must be active on each upgrading node. Construction can not be cancelled or paused by removing all of the threads - it can only be cancelled completely.

Players start with one Building Thread, and gain a second during the tutorial. Additional Building threads can be purchased with Credits by tapping the [+] symbol beside the Building Threads indicator in the top right of the Home Screen.

Upgrading Nodes Edit

Nodes can be upgraded once a player has sufficient Resources and a high enough Core level. Upgrading the Evolver has an additional requirement, and can not currently be developing or upgrading a program. Any nodes which meet these requirements will have their level displayed in red, regardless of the current number of available Building Threads. At least one Building Thread must be available to begin an upgrade.

Upgrading nodes are unable to attack with or spread an installed antivirus. Most nodes that are under construction also lose their normal abilities until the construction or upgrade is complete:

Upgrading and building nodes increases the network level, shown in the top left corner of the Home Screen.

Cancelling an Upgrade Edit

Cancelling a node upgrade before it is complete, by selecting a node and pressing the "🚫" button, will refund half of the upgrade cost, and refund all experience initially gained by the upgrade.

Deleting Nodes Edit

To delete a node, select a node and press the "X" button. If it is not possible to remove a node and the button is greyed out, pressing the button will display a message explaining why. Basic nodes built in the tutorial cannot be deleted as they are necessary for progression (detailed below). Nodes cannot be deleted if doing so would result in an invalid network. This means all nodes must remain within 9 links of the nearest netConnection after the node is deleted. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using Rebuild Mode to position the node at the end of the network.

The Core, Compiler, and Evolver cannot be deleted, as they are central to the network. At least one Program Library, Server Farm, B-coin Mine and B-coin Mixer must be present on the network at all times. Since 2 Databases are required to upgrade beyond Core Level 7, a Database may not be deleted unless 3 exist prior to deletion.

Half of the cost of the last upgrade price will be refunded when a node is deleted. As of Patch v1.202, deleting a node from your network will also refund the experience that was spent on building and upgrading a node.

Increasing Network Level Edit

Building new nodes, developing new programs, and upgrading existing nodes and programs will increase the total network experience. Experience points are attributed at the start of a development/upgrade, but will be fully refunded if the process is cancelled. Network experience will not decrease if a node is deleted. As of Patch v1.020, exact total network experience is now shown along with other network information. The table below shows the total experience required to gain a Network Level.

Total Experience Required per Level
10 2142,100 41164,100
2300 2246,300 42172,300
3700 2350,700 43180,700
41,300 2455,300 44189,300
52,100 2560,100 45198,100
63,100 2665,100 46207,100
74,300 2770,300 47216,300
85,700 2875,700 48225,700
97,300 2981,300 49235,300
109,100 3087,100 50245,100
1111,100 3193,100 51255,100
1213,300 3299,300 52265,300
1315,700 33105,700 53275,700
1418,300 34112,300 54286,300
1521,100 35119,100 55297,100
1624,100 36126,100 56308,100
1727,300 37133,300 57319,300
1830,700 38140,700 58330,700
1934,300 39148,300 59342,300
2038,100 40156,100 60354,100
Total Experience Required per Level
61366,100 81648,100 1011,010,100
62378,300 82664,300 1021,030,300
63390,700 83680,700 1031,050,700
64403,300 84697,300 1041,071,300
65416,100 85714,100 1051,092,100
66429,100 86731,100 1061,113,100
67442,300 87748,300 1071,134,300
68455,700 88765,700 1081,155,700
69469,300 89783,300 1091,177,300
70483,100 90801,100 1101,199,100
71497,100 91819,100 1111,221,100
72511,300 92837,300 1121,243,300
73525,700 93855,700 1131,265,700
74540,300 94874,300 1141,288,300
75555,100 95893,100 1151,311,100
76570,100 96912,100 1161,334,100
77585,300 97931,300 1171,357,300
78600,700 98950,700 1181,380,700
79616,300 99970,300 1191,404,300
80632,100 100990,100 1201,428,100

Tips Edit

  • Each level increase requires 200 xp more than previous level increase starting at level 4. (E.g. 1000 xp is required to advance from level 5 to level 6, and 1200 xp is required to advance from level 6 to level 7.)
  • Each additional Building Thread provides the same boost as the previous thread, and costs twice as much. Consider this as you choose where to spend credits.
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