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B-coin Mine 19-21.png B-coin Mixer 19-21.png Core 11-12.png Database 19-21.png Server Farm 19-21.png
B-coin Mine B-coin Mixer Core Database Server Farm


Business nodes are used to generate and hold resources ($ or B-coins). These resources can be used to purchase Security Nodes to defend your Network and Hacking Nodes that let you compile programs used for attacks. Resources are also used to Upgrade nodes and programs. During a hack, these nodes can be compromised by hackers, letting them steal up to 30% of the resources stored in these nodes.[1]

List of Business Nodes[]


  1. Tricksters Arts Forum: stealing $ and Bitcoins
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Nodes Programs Permainan
Node Bisnis

B-coin Mine 19-21.pngTambang B-coin  B-coin Mixer 19-21.pngMixer B-coin  Structure Connection.pngKoneksi Internet 
Core 11-12.pngInti  Database 19-21.pngDatabase  Server Farm 19-21.pngTambang Uang 

Nodes Keamanan

Black ICE 19-21.pngPGE-Hitam  Code Gate 19-21.pngGerbang Kode  Guardian 21.pngPenjaga 
Scanner 19-21.pngPemindai  Sentry 19-21.pngSentri  Turret 19-21.pngTuret 

Nodes Hacking

Compiler 04.pngPenyusun  Evolver 11-12.pngEvolver  Program Library 17-21.pngPustaka Program