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Hackers is a mobile multiplayer strategy game, where players build 3D networks using a futuristic interface to hack networks of other players, increasing their reputation to become the best hacker in the world.

To achieve their goals, players have to gather resources by obtaining them from Business Nodes, hacking the networks of other players or by completing the different storyline missions that the game offers.


We have also recently opened up a full Chinese translation wiki and are requesting players fluent in Chinese to help us translate the remaining pages.

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Nodi Business

B-coin Mine 19-21Miniera B-coin  B-coin Mixer 19-21Mixer B-coin  Structure ConnectionConnessione Alla Rete 
Core 11-12Nucleo  Database 19-21Base di Dati  Server Farm 19-21Server Farm 

Nodi Difensivi

Black ICE 19-21Ghiaccio Nero  Code Gate 19-21Cancello Codice  Guardian 21Guardiano 
Scanner 19-21Scanner  Sentry 19-21Sentinella  Turret 19-21Torretta 

Nodi di Hacking

Compiler 04Compilatore  Evolver 11-12Sviluppatore  Program Library 17-21Libreria di Programmi 


Battering ram Ariete  Ion cannon Cannone del Fascio  Blaster Blaster  Kraken Kraken 
Maniac Maniaco  Shock Bomba Stordente  Shuriken Shuriken  Worms Vermi 


Icewall Parete de ICE  Protector Parete de ICE 


Access Accesso  Dataleach Sanguisuga di Dati  Portal Portale  Wraith Spettro 


Mappa del Mondo • Hacks • Missioni • Log di Sicurezza • Simulazioni • Reputazione 


Schermo di Casa • Costruzioni della Rete • Risorse •
Mercato Nero • Note dell'aggiornamento 


Guida Iniziale • Strategie D'attacco • Strategie Difensive • Dritte 

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page offensive nodes
    comment by Luminaar 1 day ago
    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user

    When the chokepoint is a scanner and three turrets, what is better for protection? shocker or protector and would you use beam cannons or shrukiens?  



    When a network puts all their defensive eggs in one basket/chokepoint, I'm partial to a Shocker/Shuriken combo. :P It's not always ... 

  • discussion page The scanner puzzle in hackers
    comment by Luminaar 2 days ago


    Hey, if I solved a puzzle will some numbers appears? Like this 011101? 



    Having the binary numbers appear is a step in the right direction, but not necessarily a solution! Check out the "cracking-the-code&qu... 

  • discussion page Talk:AI Beetle
    new comment by Luminaar December 31, 2019
    Comment: Possibly! I don't have the images at hand, but if they get uploaded I'll append them to the gallery templates.
  • discussion page Talk:AI Beetle
    new comment by A FANDOM user December 29, 2019
    Comment: The pictures of the ai nodes should really include the base of the nodes too since they also change with level. Is this something that might be added...
  • discussion page Talk:Scanner
    new comment by Luminaar
    Comment: Scanners do, and are intended to, check multiple nodes at the same time. There's no clean solution to the animation issue however, as it's not...
  • discussion page Talk:Scanner
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Should scanner check multiple nodes at the same time? Sometimes i see networks with 2 high-level sentries (mostly, first is placed near the core and...
  • edit Hackers Wikia
    edited by Luminaar diff
    Summary: Link Updates
  • discussion page are we abandoned by dev?
    created by A FANDOM user
    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user

    I wasn't sure if you guys were still updating it. Since you are, I'll make a purchase to support this really interesting game <3 

    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user 2001:5B0:4CD7:AA48:4543:32EE:BFFF:E611

    I wish they would bring more people on board. It’s hard to stay invested in a game that rarely gets new content. The last news item did ment... 

  • discussion page Talk:Code Gate
    new comment by Luminaar
    Comment: Thankfully, it's not possible to capture a Code Gate without destroying the filter. Battering Rams will target the filter specifically, Wraiths...
  • new page Scanners
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Add Video Add Image Write the first paragraph of your page here. Section headingEdit Write the first section of your page here. Section...
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