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Summary Edit

"Increases stealth program detection on all nodes three steps away and closer.
Access, Wraith and Portal programs alarm the network faster."

The Scanner is a defensive Security Node. During the Stealth phase of a hack, the Scanner will increase the stealth cost of any stealth programs to nodes installed within 3 connections of the Scanner. The increase is based on the sensitivity statistic. If a network connection has two Scanners overlapping, the system prioritizes the Scanner with the higher level.

The maximum level a Scanner can be upgraded to is 21[1]. The maximum number of Scanners you can have on your network is four. Unlike Business Nodes, there are no restrictions on deleting Scanner nodes from the network.

Statistics Edit

Defensive Stats
Construction Stats
Core Level
1$16,0003004 Hours4
2$32,00045012 Hours4
3$64,00050024 Hours5
4$125,00065036 Hours5
5$250,00080048 Hours6
6$500,00085060 Hours6
7$750,00090072 Hours7
8$1,000,00095092 Hours7
9$1,500,0001,00096 Hours8
10$2,000,0001,125108 Hours8
11$2,500,0001,250120 Hours9
12$3,000,0001,375132 Hours9
13$3,500,0001,500144 Hours9
14$4,000,0001,625156 Hours10
15$4,500,0001,750168 Hours10
16$5,000,0002,000192 Hours10
17$6,000,0002,500216 Hours11
18$7,000,0003,000240 Hours11
19$8,000,0003,500264 Hours11
20$10,000,0004,000288 Hours12
21$12,000,0004,500312 Hours12
Totals$71,737,00034,5252,784 Hours12

Gallery Edit

Scanner 01 Scanner 02-03 Scanner 04-05 Scanner 06-07 Scanner 08-09
Level 1 Levels 2-3 Levels 4-5 Levels 6-7 Levels 8-9
Scanner 10-12 Scanner 13-15 Scanner 16-18 Scanner 19-21
Levels 10-12 Levels 13-15 Levels 16-18 Levels 19-21

Tips Edit

General Tips Edit

  • Defensively, Scanners have 4 connections and a low firewall relative to other nodes, while only allowing 3 programs to be installed on it. This makes it a good candidate for creating a choke point on your Network if connected to plenty of Security Nodes.
  • When attacking a Scanner that has been used as a choke point, ICE Walls will need to be installed quickly. Consider using Shocker or Protector in conjuction with ICE Walls if the node is being recaptured too quickly.
  • Placement is crucial. If the Scanner is too close to the netConnection, an attacker can disable it with Wraith then Stealth through the remaining nodes. If the Scanner is too far from the netConnection, an attacker can easily disable any defenses too close to netConnections.
  • Selecting a scanner on your own network shows its reach via purple lines which can help quickly visualizing coverage while building.
  • If a network only has one Scanner, the network is especially vulnerable to Stealth attacks during the upgrade of the Scanner. As a defender, it is advisable upgrade the Scanner as fast as possible. As an attacker, if you notice that the target network has no working Scanner, consider using Stealth as a method of attack.
  • As mentioned in the Loading Screen Tips, if a node is in the range of two or more Scanners, the highest level Scanner will be automatically selected for the task. If you have multiple Scanners at the same level, one of these Scanners are selected.
  • Security Nodes are prime targets for Wraith or Portal. Try to keep them within range of a Scanner.

Using Stealth Attacks Edit

  • Keep an eye on the visibility bar. It will take practice and several attempts before you are able to estimate how many nodes you will able to Access and how many programs you can place before you are detected. Try to take into account the level and placement of the Scanner, and try to determine if you are able to attempt a full Stealth hack or whether you will transition into a Brute Force hack.
  • Disabling the Scanner may or may not be worth doing depending on the level and position of the Scanner as well as if there is a second Scanner in the network due to the visibility of the Wraith.
  • Code Gates are prime nodes to have in range of a Scanner, as installation of the Access program is increased proportional to the Filter statistic, almost necessitating the use of the Wraith program to disable a Gate first.


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