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In the game Hackers, there are several "secrets" or "Easter Eggs" within the game.

So far, very little has been found, by tapping the core 7 times, it will give the message "Congratulations! You just clicked the core 7 times!" If you continue tapping the core (14 more times), it will state "that's enough.". If you continue (19 more times), it will show a message "...". If you tap 2 more times, a QR code like square will show on screen, it will change every 5 stopped exactly. If you tap it, it will achieve the same effect. Now for the second (and most important) part of the Easter egg/secret, if you have the "scanner" defense node (any level is fine) and hold it down as if to move it, for 30 seconds, it will state "Congratulations! You just held the scanner for 30 seconds!" If you continue for another 15 seconds it will state "still not enough?" Then if you hold it for 10 more seconds it will give the message "..." then if you hold it for 5 more seconds a similar QR code square appears, though this one is empty except for the four corners and the there squared outwards that are touching the edge in both directions. If you tap on a square, it will invert that square and the squares adjacent to it in the larger white square. if you manage to replicate one of the patterns shown by tapping the core.