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Black ICE 19-21.png Code Gate 19-21.png Guardian 21.png Scanner 19-21.png Sentry 19-21.png Turret 19-21.png
Black ICE Code Gate Guardian Scanner Sentry Turret


Security nodes provide additional network protection, defending against intruders looking to steal resources from your Business Nodes or lower your reputation. Sentries and Turrets are available at the beginning of the game, with upgraded and more advanced nodes being available as you increase the level of your Core.

  • Sentry: Spreads antivirus throughout the network, granting any node the ability to defend itself against capture.
  • Turret: Attacks with a continuous beam, providing additional power to recapture your nodes.
  • Black ICE: Attacks with slow but strong blasts to a captured node. Has higher strength than the Turret.
  • Code Gate: Password protected gate which significantly reduces damage and increases the installation time of Access programs.
  • Scanner: Alerts the network of stealth programs being installed, by increasing the visibility of nearby nodes.
  • Guardian: Strengthens the firewall of connected nodes by providing additional shields.


Each node has a specific number of connection slots available, which allow it to be linked to other nodes. Connecting a node to any other node takes up one slot on each of the linked nodes. Each node also has a specific number of program slots, which allow programs to be installed on it during a hack. Each program takes up one slot on a node.

Security nodes also have a certain amount of firewall depending on the node level, which can be depleted by installing offensive programs on connecting nodes. Nodes will naturally recover firewall when not shocked or stunned, at the regeneration rates shown below.

Security Node Statistics
Node Connection
Black ICE 4 5 1% per second
Code Gate 3 3 2% per second
Guardian 5 4 1% per second
Scanner 4 3 1% per second
Sentry 4 4 1% per second
Turret 4 4 1% per second


  • Security Nodes connected to a netConnection tend to be wasted, as they can not be captured by the network.
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Security Nodes

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