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Worms primary trait is that they multiply. Install one and you'll soon have many.

The Worm is a Brute Force Offensive Program which has the special ability to replicate and install itself. Worms will attack connected nodes one at a time, but unlike Beam Cannons, they have a dynamic attack priority and will change their target immediately if an adjacent node with higher Attack Priority is reclaimed by the network.

A Worm has the following action priorities:

  1. It attacks an adjacent node with the highest Attack Priority.
  2. If all adjacent nodes are captured, it will install duplicates of itself in empty program slots of the current node, until the node is full.
  3. If the current node is full, it will install duplicates of itself in the empty program slots of adjacent nodes.

Duplication onto adjacent nodes appears to prioritize the number of empty program slots on adjacent nodes, followed by their attack priority. For example: If one Worm has an empty Core and an empty Compiler as adjacent nodes, first it will install two copies of itself on the Core so both nodes have the same number of empty program slots. Next it will install a copy on the Core because it has a higher attack priority, and then it will install a copy on the Compiler because the Compiler has more empty program slots. It will continue to switch back and forth in this manner until both nodes are full. Note this example assumes the worms installed on the Core and Compiler are busy attacking a hostile node instead of duplicating.

The delay between each duplication takes 3 to 0.5 seconds, depending on level, and the timer is reset when an adjacent node is recaptured by the network.


  • Notes: While the Worms program is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
(per hit)
1 12 6 3.0 seconds B5
2 14 7 2.9 seconds B10
3 16 8 2.8 seconds B20
4 18 9 2.7 seconds B30
5 20 10 2.5 seconds B40
6 23 11.5 2.4 seconds B50
7 26 13 2.3 seconds B60
8 30 15 2.2 seconds B70
9 34 17 2.0 seconds B80
10 39 19.5 1.9 seconds B90
11 44 22 1.8 seconds B100
12 51 25.5 1.7 seconds B110
13 58 29 1.5 seconds B120
14 66 33 1.4 seconds B130
15 75 37.5 1.3 seconds B140
16 86 43 1.2 seconds B150
17 98 49 1.0 seconds B170
18 111 55.5 0.9 seconds B190
19 127 63.5 0.8 seconds B210
20 145 72.5 0.7 seconds B230
21 165 82.5 0.5 seconds B250
Research Stats
Evolver Level
1 B256 250 2 Hours 2
2 B2,048 400 8 Hours 3
3 B4,096 425 10 Hours 3
4 B8,000 450 12 Hours 4
5 B16,000 475 18 Hours 4
6 B32,000 500 24 Hours 5
7 B48,000 575 30 Hours 5
8 B60,000 650 36 Hours 6
9 B80,000 725 42 Hours 6
10 B100,000 800 48 Hours 7
11 B120,000 825 54 Hours 7
12 B140,000 850 60 Hours 8
13 B160,000 875 66 Hours 8
14 B180,000 900 72 Hours 9
15 B200,000 930 80 Hours 9
16 B220,000 960 88 Hours 10
17 B260,000 1,000 96 Hours 10
18 B300,000 1,125 108 Hours 11
19 B340,000 1,250 120 Hours 11
20 B380.000 1,500 144 Hours 12
21 B420,000 1,750 168 Hours 12
Totals B3,070,400 17,215 1,286 Hours 12

Patch Notes[]

As of Patch v1.025, Worm's Duplication Time scales with their level. This was previously 3 seconds at every level.


  • Typically, you only need one or two Worms per hack since they will multiply.
  • Using Worms to capture weaker and less important nodes can be useful to save programs.
  • Placing Worms at the back of the network will give them time to replicate while you focus on your main attack.
  • Remember to remove programs from nodes you have captured to give Worms space to move forward.
  • Worms work well with the Kraken.
  • Be careful around a Code Gate. Worms will always attack when possible, and they always attack the highest priority target (often the gate). This prevents the worms from replicating or attacking more desireable targets until the gate is captured.
  • If any Net connection are spread out, consider launching a Worm on on any Net connection that you otherwise weren't planning on using. The worms will engage in an automated attack on their portion of the network while you can focus on your main attack. The worms don't need to get very far to cause useful damage to the network.
  • A worm should usually not be placed alone on a Net connection. Adding a single Beam cannon will significantly speed the initial node capture, and therefore significantly speed the initial replication.
  • Worms will persistently re-attack, even if they repeatedly lose. Repeated attacks may slowly break down the defenses of a strong node. In some cases it may take a minute or more of repeated attacks for worms to capture a particular node. While that capture may be horribly slow, the value of worms is that they are automated. Every bit of automated progress is essentially "free progress" while you are busy elsewhere.
  • If you're not in a hurry to get through a particular Code gate, Worms are generally able to take down a gate at a somewhat reasonable rate if they can attack it from more than one direction.
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