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Wraith silently disables the functionality of a node accessed by the Access program. Use Wraith to remove the largest threats on a target network.

Wraith is a Stealth Program which, once installed in a node, permanently disables the node's functionality and firewall regeneration for the rest of the hack. The Access program needs to be installed on a neighbouring node before Wraith can be installed.

Wraithed Security Nodes:

All Wraithed Nodes:

  • Disabled nodes are unable to spread a Sentry's antivirus.
  • Disabled nodes are prevented from regenerating their firewall.

Statistics Edit

  • Notes: While the Wraith is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
(per second)
1135 / secondB100
2130 / secondB200
3125 / secondB300
4120 / secondB400
5115 / secondB500
6110 / secondB600
7105 / secondB700
8100 / secondB800
995 / secondB900
1090 / secondB1,000
1185 / secondB1,100
1280 / secondB1,200
1375 / secondB1,300
1470 / secondB1,400
1565 / secondB1,500
1660 / secondB1,600
1755 / secondB1,700
1850 / secondB1,800
1945 / secondB1,900
2040 / secondB2,000
2135 / secondB2,100
Research Stats
Evolver Level
1B8,00047518 Hours5
2B16,00050024 Hours5
3B32,00060032 Hours6
4B48,00070040 Hours6
5B60,00080048 Hours7
6B80,00083056 Hours7
7B100,00086064 Hours8
8B120,00090072 Hours8
9B140,00093080 Hours9
10B160,00096088 Hours9
11B180,0001,00096 Hours9
12B200,0001,080104 Hours10
13B220,0001,160112 Hours10
14B260,0001,250120 Hours10
15B300,0001,330128 Hours11
16B340,0001,410136 Hours11
17B380,0001,500144 Hours11
18B420,0001,625156 Hours11
19B440,0001,750168 Hours12
20B460,0001,875180 Hours12
21B480,0002,000192 Hours12
TotalB4,444,00023,5352,058 Hours12

Tips Edit

  • Unlike Access, the Filter statistic of a Code Gate doesn't apply to Wraiths, so they always take 2 seconds to install.
  • When dealing with Code Gates, it is generally advisable to install a Wraith to disable the Gate's Filter before installing an Access, as the Visibility cost will be less than if one installed an Access under the effect of the Filter. The exception is when the Gate and Wraith are low level, but the Access is high level.
  • Since nodes under the Wraith effect do not spread antivirus, it can sometimes be beneficial to wraith a chokepoint deep in the network. This could save a lot of programs near the start of the hack, depending on the number, level, and positioning of sentries.
  • This video shows an example of a successful hack using the Wraith program.
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